If you are not shining your light when you speak, your people won't know it is you they are looking for!
Thank you for answering the call to speak and having the audacity it takes to make it your business to get your message out to the world.
I am Susan Kerby and I am committed to honor, belonging and enchanted play .  If you  want to be your most authentic, compelling, soulful self every time you speak, this is for you. 

Many speakers aim for giving a well-polished presentation that has 10 to 15% of the audience saying yes to what they are offering and gets them accolades in the moment.

The problem is it is not as effective to be polished, as it is to be passionate.

When you shine your light and speak from your soul the message that your entire life has been preparing you to deliver, then  your people find you, 40 to 50% of your ideal audience say,  "I want that!" and  life is altered for both you and your audience.  
Trust me, I get that "just be yourself" is easy to say, but I know for me, it has been the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.  When I was first starting out as a speaker in my 30's I was told, "Susan, you can do anything but it is who you are being that is the issue!"  I didn't know how to do any better being than I was already doing.  How could I not  "just be myself."   I felt like a failure.  

It took me 25 years to find some amazing ways to give us all easy access to being ourselves and  sharing our most authentic self from stage every time we speak. If you want what I give all my VIP clients (before we even start crafting any talks or working on any presentation skills) that has them being their most soulful self, this is for you!  
"I started working with Susan Kerby at her 3-Day Speak and Shine Your Light event.  After 22 years in my business, I knew I had to do something different to reach more clients and share my message with the world.  I expected to get a few tips on improving my speaking skills and learning how to market my talents.  What I didn’t expect is to reach an entirely new level of awareness about myself, my work, and the difference I can make in the world.  It didn’t take long for me to recognize that Susan’s gift of bringing out our true gifts and giving us permission to shine was just what I needed.  I recently completed her 5-day intensive and not only came away with a soul signature talk that sells, Susan also helped to lovingly coax my intuitive gift to the surface.  Susan is tireless in her efforts to support entrepreneurs in shining their unique light in their world.  Now, that I have fully embraced the Oracle within me I am getting even better results for my clients.  I couldn’t thank Susan enough for all she’s done to improve my life, my business, and my bottom line!"

Coach Lia Dunlap
The Oracle on Purpose

"After coming back from the 3 days at Speak and Shine Your Light, with my heart virtues (compassion, connection, and trust) and a new 'What Do You Do' statement too, I went to a networking event. The response was wonderful! I got as far as "I show people how to have compassion for their anxiety" and women literally threw their arms around me and said I love you, I need this, etc. I was stunned.
I re-wrote my Hero's Journey story and it was so easy, and I felt so aligned with it. Powerful.  In a heart selling conversation with one woman, she blurted out in the middle "Can I hire you?" -which has never happened. And it was the most awkward heart selling conversation I'd ever had, which made it even more amazing. This morning she signed up for a VIP session!"

Lynn Hauka

At the Speak and Shine Your Light
3-day speaker training you will:

-Set the stage for your Soul's Signature Talk that Sells.

-Enchant your audience before you even say "Hello!"

-Discover your 3 magic words that have your audience saying "I Want That!"

-Practice speaking from the truth of your soul's virtues.

-Learn how to organize your talk with the 10 Steps to "I Want That!" 

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